Launching in 2019


Launching in 2019


Launching in 2019


Yacht Owners

Receive thousands of bookings from trusted brokers and maximize your profits

Yacht Brokers

Manage your business with maximum efficiency and profits

Maintenance Service

Receive yacht maintenance requests from owners and others


LiLiWaters (LW) is a B2B web application that presents stakeholders in the Yacht leasing industry with a valuable resource that adds value to the industry. The LW platform connects yacht owners, yacht brokers and other stakeholders such as travel agencies, hotels, and vacation resorts, allowing them to strike deals and transact in a secure environment. The platform is also available in Android platform enabling the users to follow up their transactions on the go and close critical deals that cannot afford to wait.

LW is designed to allow user self-registration. After that, the user can gain access to features that are specific for yacht owners and brokers as well. All services are free for the first year.

With LiLiWaters, convenient yacht bookings can be done in no time with maximum profits for owners and brokers. LW guarantees an amazing experience for the final user by also avoiding double bookings and promising a stress free and happy times for all!

User Registration

The system has a multi-layer user registration system. Yacht owners and brokers can register as primary users. The primary user can add other users into the platform as sub-users who can be account managers, the yacht crew members or staff of the Owner/Broker organization. The sub-users can be given the permission to manage various aspects of the primary account basis their job designation.

Communication Features

The platform provides a live chat system where the primary (yacht owners and brokers) and sub-users - with permission - of the platform can communicate with one another for inquiries and negotiations. However, when the other party is offline, the message is delivered to the inbox. The online icon indicates when a user is online. Push-Notifications are available on the Android App.

Custom Orders

The brokers on the LW platform can request for custom quotes for yacht rental services not available on the owners listing. The broker can also make a custom offer which the yacht owner can accept and make available to the broker exclusively or to the entire users of the platform.

Escrow Payment

The LW uses an Escrow payment platform that receives payment for services but only remits to the receiving parties when the yacht trip is completed and marked as successful. This system enhances the trust and safety of the LW platform. All payments are done online via various payment methods. A 100% payment is needed to guarantee the booking. No cash payments are accepted on the boats itself.

Frontend Booking/Calendar system

All yacht listing on the LW platform integrates with the booking/calendar system and shows the days in which a boat is available within a calendar month or pre-defined date range in the future. Own bookings received through own sources can be easily added to the LiLiWaters calendar which ensures that double bookings will always be avoided!

Yacht Owners

The following are the features on the platform that is specific to yacht owners

Product Listing

The yacht owner can use the product listing function on the platform to upload details about the boat. The listing includes images and all features of the boat model of the boat, size, number of crew, cabin facilities, etc. The owner can also indicate if the listing is open to price negotiation so the broker can bargain offer price.

Listing price

The owner can configure the pricing structure of the yacht with a high level of flexibility. Different hourly pricing for various days, offer seasonal discounts on products, special discount for brokers specific brokers, or basis their ratings on the LW platform.


The owner can create subaccounts and designate access level for each user. The sub-users who is a staff of the primary users can have profiles containing biodata, experience, and work designation. The owners that have multiple boats can allocate staff to each yacht and even each booking if required right from the admin backend.

Yacht Brokers

The Brokers interface presents a backend with the following features
  • Search Feature

    The broker can search for boats with advanced filtering criteria such as lease rates, and yacht features like size, price, capacity, age, availability, etc.

  • Boat Reservation

    The broker can book a boat directly using the booking/calendar system and immediately proceed to make payment using available options such as major Credit Cards, PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay. All payments must be made online and a 100% payment is required to guarantee the booking. No cash is accepted on the boats itself.

  • Broker Staff

    The broker can add staff sub-accounts to the system and give for example the required access to enter bookings at the harbor or so into the LW platform. The broker has the freedom to grant various permissions like negotiate with the owner, submit custom offers or do payments for bookings to the sub-users basis their job designations.

  • Datasheet generator

    The broker can generate datasheet content from the broker admin backend by accessing the database for specific boats. After locating the yacht of interest, the broker then exports it to a datasheet and customize the listing with the new price per hour which will be charged to the consumer, new total price, discount, date, client name, notes and some more. The broker then forwards the datasheet with full boat information directly for final confirmation to the client by Instant Messengers like WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram or email.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

    After the broker strikes a deal with the client, he generates an invoice from the LW platform based on the content of the product datasheet enabling the client to make payments via an online payment link which again can easily be shared. The LiliWaters platforms handle all transaction payments.

The System

The Reporting System

The LiliWaters platform generates various types of reports that give insightful data to the business thereby enabling them to fine-tune their offers to increase profits.

The details of the report include:

  • The optimal time of the day for yacht booking.
  • The season of the year with the highest sales.
  • The brokers that generate the highest sales for a yacht owner.
  • The make and models of the boat that are of high demand.
  • The average rental price for each yacht owner.

The reports to brokers include:

  • The yacht booking statistics with detail analytics such as the highest booking yacht, the optimal booking price and time, broker's commission.
  • The boat models with the highest demand in the market.
  • Total revenue over a pre-defined period.

The Review System

The LW platform has an integrated user-driven review system that allows the broker customer, brokers, and yacht owners rate their transaction experience. The system sends an email to the broker's customer with a link to review the reservice received from a broker by evaluating the service features.

This rating system is helpful for a boat owner to have an overview of the type of service-specific brokers are offering. Based on the rating, the owner can make informed business decisions such as giving a discount to outstanding brokers or upgrading some facilities on the yacht basis the observations from the customers.

The Review platform also allows the brokers on the LW to rate the service they received from the yacht owners. The user-generated reviews from the yacht brokers help to maintain trust and safety within the community.

Price Tag

Subscriptions: The cost of using all the excellent features of the LiliWaters platform on the web and mobile app is free for the first 12 months. After that time, the primary users of the platform will be required to subscribe to packages to access the premium features of the LiliWaters platform.

Commissions: LW receives a 5% commission on every transaction that takes place on the web application or the LiliWaters App platform.

Refund Policy: A broker can cancel a boat booking up to 48 hours before the blocked day and receive a full refund. However, only 50% of the deposit is refundable for cancellations less than 48 hours to the booking date. Bookings cancelled less then 24h before the trip will not be refunded. All refunds will be credited back via the payment method used for the booking.

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